Welcome to WomenWhoLeadConnect

The Connection where opportunities and platforms are created for Women Who Lead to Win Together!

What is WWLC?

Women Who Lead Connect (WWLC) is built to help the woman who lead build her bridge.

 It is more than a network, it is a connection to build healthy professional relationships amongst women leaders; whether "she" leads in her business, home, or just the CEO of her own life. The membership was built to hone in on what confidently-cultivates the woman who leads spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially; creating spaces, opportunities and platforms; building her inside-out, for God's Glory!

Why You Should Join?

So, you don't have to do business or life alone, again.

Support. To be in a supportive community of likeminded women who are intentional to see you win. We celebrate, support and build each other. We share our truths, encourage and teach you how to Own Your Power! We build you from inside out. 

Belief. No Woman Left Behind. Every woman is a leader; whether she leads in her home or business. Every woman deserves the opportunity to be healed and successful and leave her imprint on the world. No matter if you have been leading for years or just starting off this is the Connection for you. Every woman deserves the opportunity to evolve spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally and physically. WWLC is built from the foundation of the Word of God.  We believe that keeping God first in our business and personal life, is the true key to success.

Access. Once you unlock your membership you start building with an interactive community of leaders. Every time you show up, you go up! Jump right in! Complete your profile and start connecting. It is our own social community where you have first entry to members only discounts to events, products, services, webinars, courses, engagements, private groups and conferences; monthly leadership/business masterclasses with CEO/Founder, Sha'Meca Latai'; exclusive-specialized certificate programs and have visibility to options to expand your brand on our various platforms.

Spaces. Virtual and physical safe spaces that are non-judgmental. If you have questions, ask. We are here to RTT (Reach. Train. Transform). This is how we grow and build the best us. No matter what stage you are at in your business, from just having an idea, or being in operation for months or years.

Opportunities. We don't just offer opportunities to build your brand, we create opportunities to build and expand your personal and business brand through our various platforms; including opportunities to generate extra streams of income.

Platforms. Our  members are the first to know about different channels that they can access to create brand awareness, partnerships and other business alignments, to increase their connections and to sharpen their skills. 

Leader's Annex. We assist in keeping you equipped, therefore, you are prepared when business calls. A one-stop shop for your business branding and personal development needs; such as coaching, content creation, reels, commercials, technical support, video production, marketing, website design, advertisement and social media support.

Meet The CEO Sha'Meca Latai'

Sha'Meca Latai' known as the "Root Coach", is a wife, mom of 4, a pastor and she's a little fireball, who speaks authentically about her journey of trying to find her way, successfully, as a young entrepreneur and as a woman.  She shares her truth about setbacks and sometimes how people provided her with just enough information to get her over the hump. Therefore, over 10 years, she began to build herself to become the person she always needed, in order to help others be the person they always wanted to become! Her willingness to endure and passion to see other women successful spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally and mentally is her daily drive. In 2018, she built the foundations of Women Who Lead Connect by having small networking events around the nation; and now, she has expanded this opportunity for growth, to connect leading women around the globe.

What Women Who Lead Are Saying: